Personal Information

Ivan Drinchev

Work experience
September 2020 - Ongoing

Full-Stack Web Developer ( Freelance )

at Kieback & Peter

Building the IoT Platform brix2bytes from scratch in a cross-functional teams, including development of applications, UI Library, E2E Tests, NodeJS Backend services with GraphQL

Tech stack

ReactJS, Azure DevOps, Azure Platform, GraphQL, oAuth, Material UI, NodeJS, JEST, Cypress, Terraform, Storybook, Apollo GraphQL

January 2020 - July 2020

Front-end Web Developer ( Freelance )

at Hey Car

Building and maintaining Hey Car, as well as closed-source UI library and internal applications. Participating in Architectural Decision Recommendations and front-end best practices workshops.

Tech stack

ReactJS, Redux, Mono repo, Server side rendering, GitHub, CircleCI, Kubernetes, Styled Components, NodeJS, React Router, Storybook, JEST, Cypress

January 2019 - December 2019

Full-Stack Web Developer & Substitute team lead ( Freelance )


Building and maintaining React SPA, Open Source Stylesheet styleguide, React UI Library as well as an open source SDK for OSRAM's IoT platform

Tech stack

ReactJS, BitBucket, BitBucket Pipelines, Kubernetes, JIRA, ReactJS, CSS Modules, NodeJS, React Router, Styleguidist, JEST, Cypress, OpenAPI, PostCSS

July 2017 - July 2018

Full-Stack Web Developer ( Freelance )

at Ninox

Building microservices based web application from scratch, including payment integration with Cleverbridge, Avangate and Apple. Developed in-house CRM & dev-ops processes.

Tech stack

NodeJS, MongoDB, Redis, AWS, Google Analytics, Sendgrid, Express, Mongoose, Handlebars, SASS, Webpack, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Ansible

Pre 2017

Freelance Web Developer

More than 15+ years of experience in developing web sites and scalable web applications ( frontend and backend ), deploying them on various hosting providers and delivering maintainable code. Also, I have done consultancy on development architectures, talent seeking and tech infrastructure.

My paid work also includes ReactJS tutoring

Notable Clients, Twago, Okonni, M-sense, Core SE

Community work
I've been contributing and maintaining open source projects, such as Mono Social Icons Font and Clief - CLI TypeScript framework. Check them out on my GitHub Profile

I also have social presence at my Blog and my Stack Overflow account with 18k+ reputation

English ( Fluent )
German ( Basic knowledge )
Bulgarian ( Mother tongue )

Master Degree in Law